The old way of getting a divorce is an out-of-date, costly system. It sets couples up as adversaries fighting over marital assets and liabilities. In our experience, going the conventional route gets you a predictable outcome … a battle that drags on, sometimes for years – often in court – with high attorney’s fees and costs.

MacLean Law Believes There’s A Better Way

Our attorneys together have over 30 years of trial experience with proven negotiating skills to creatively resolve your case – from the most complex to the “simple” divorce. We can’t eliminate the emotional pain, but we can mitigate the destructive effects of divorce on your life.

MacLean Law Approach

  • We focus on solutions.
  • We are aware of the cost of litigation.
  • We are open to using the full range of alternative dispute approaches.
  • We understand the divorce process can take an emotional toll.
  • We have the skills to de-escalate a situation.
  • We understand the value of being proactive.
  • Yet, if litigation is necessary, we have the reputation and trial skills to vigorously represent you in court.

Who Can Use MacLean Law’s Approach?

Our solution-oriented approach is both a skill and a mindset. If you want results and are ready to take appropriate action, you can!

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