We have experienced trial attorneys who also have the reputation for being tough but fair negotiators.
This means opposing attorneys know that if you are represented by an attorney from MacLean Law you have an attorney who will vigorously attempt to negotiate a reasonable and acceptable settlement but who will also be prepared to go to trial if necessary.

Our attorneys know the law.
This means that all legal aspects of your case will be thoughtfully considered and analyzed.

Our paralegals have been working in the family law area for many years.
This means they understand the unique aspects of divorce cases including division of retirement plans through QDROs, pensions such as FERS, TEFRA, PERA, MSRS and Thrift Savings Plans; divorce related real estate transactions, personal property valuation and division, and custody and parenting time issues.

We know how to locate assets.
This means that if you are unfamiliar with the assets you and your spouse own or have an interest in we know how to find what needs to be found.

We have attorneys who have particular expertise handling family court cases where one or both parties have an interest in:

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Ownership and Development.
  • Business Ownership and Valuation.
  • Employee benefits packages – including stock options, stock grants, performance shares and the like.
  • All types of retirement benefits – defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans such as FERS, TEFRA, PERA, MSRS.
  • Multiple or complex investment portfolios.

This means our attorneys will be able to recognize and identify the existence and value of marital assets.

Our attorneys are “numbers smart.”
This means our attorneys understand tax returns, financial statements and how to analyze income and cash flow. They understand how to calculate child support and spousal maintenance.

Our attorneys have working relationships with a variety of related financial experts, appraisers and other professionals.
This means that whether you have an antique Dodge Dart, a gun collection, show dogs, a wine collection, a vacation home in Arizona or Florida, jewelry, original works of art or a classic guitar, tools, machinery and recreational “toys,” we know the people who can help assess the value of all types of personal property.

We have extremely experienced, intelligent and dedicated Paralegals.
This means that if your MacLean Law attorney is not immediately available you will actually have a person to talk to who knows you and your case. The Paralegal will make certain your attorney promptly attends to your needs.

Our Paralegals know how to get things done.
This means that all aspects of your case which do not require direct attorney involvement are handled efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Our attorneys have experience negotiating and drafting Antenuptial (Prenuptial) Agreements.
This means that we know what it means to have assets which potentially are not considered part of a marital estate (“nonmarital assets”); how to prove them and how to value them.

Or from the opposing perspective, how to make certain a party has really met his/her burden of proving a nonmarital claim – and what to do if they do.

We understand how scary it can be to think of “losing” your children as the result of a divorce.
This means that if you believe there will be a custody or visitation dispute, you can be assured we will “have your back” and will vigorously advocate for your rights as a parent.

We appreciate that your time is valuable.
This means we are willing to meet with our clients by appointment in the evenings and on weekends.

We use specialized legal software programs, including Westlaw and FinPlan.
This means we can provide state-of-the-art information in a cost-effective manner.

The hourly rates for our professional services are consistent with those charged by firms in the Twin Cities.

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